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My artwork expresses the paradox of human life and the reality of  visceral experience.


As humans, we are part of nature, but at some time we are detached from nature. In essence, we exist in a limbo, connected by abstract layers of our own making, striving at harmony that is fleeting and artificial at best.


In my opinion harmony, as a concept, is misunderstood. 

My work suggests that the harmony sought between humans and nature is a basic tenet of interrelatedness based on the myth of peaceful and concordant co-existence.


However, an honest and unfiltered observation of relationships that occur in nature reveals that they are, at best, a balance of the horrific and the sublime. We understand this equilibrium most conversationally as the Darwinian concept of  “survival of the fittest”. In order to survive one has to destroy. The concept of nature being a harmonious enterprise is, to me, an illusion. Nature is truly based on perpetual destruction and regeneration. Humans are part of this cycle.


A look at regeneration supports this perspective. Birth is violent. Life is beauty but beauty is based on horror at the some point. The two are not mutually exclusive. You have to deal with both, the horrific and the beautiful, to truly embrace life and nature. My art expresses this process. Beauty does not come from harmony and balance. It comes from imbalance. It comes from madness. 


In my artwork, the dream-state and the subconscious are evident. There is little logic in dreams. Dreams have their own logic, dreams are incongruous to the order of daily life. You could come upon something that in real life is very beautiful, but in the dream it causes fear and a sense of danger. This dichotomy cannot be reconciled or understood. 


My work is based on my own belief that life is a construct, a human construct. Beneath this construct, life, in its most organic, natural and rawest form, lies imbalance. This imbalance, when examined without trying to make meaning, as if it were a dream, is the foundation for life and my work.